Luxury vinyl: realism, durability and affordability

Want a new look for your kitchen that works just as well in the living room, laundry or bath? Luxury vinyl flooring is your answer! Designed to meet today’s demands, luxury vinyl floors look absolutely great and are extremely durable.

At Flooring Connections, we offer many stunning vinyl choices. Most of these vinyls are warrantied for commercial use as well as being waterproof. These qualities make luxury vinyl planks and tile an excellent choice for a beautiful worry-free, durable flooring solution that works for your entire house.

Visit our showroom today to view our fabulous selection of flooring styles, materials, patterns and color palettes that are sure to spark your imagination. We are ready to advise and assist you on your journey from concept to vision accomplished.

Unique designs and beautiful vinyl flooring

  • Luxury Vinyl Planks & Tile
  • Sheet Vinyl
  • Marmoleum
  • Waterproof / Water Resistant
  • COREtec
  • Adura Max
  • EZ LAY
  • Alterna/Duraceramic

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A few words about WPC, LVT, and LVP

With the excessive number of acronyms found in today’s flooring market, it’s no wonder homeowners are often confused by what they mean, exactly. Today, we’re going to discuss three of the ones that are most often heardto help you make better sense of your many options.

Once you know a little more about the differences between flooring types and the acronyms used to identify them, you can make better choices for your flooring. As we all know, better choices lead to better functionality which in turn leads to a more satisfying experience.

WPC, LVT, and LVP are all great flooring choices

WPC stands for "wood plastic composite" and though the word "wood" is a part of the name, no actual real woods are used in the construction of the product. Wood by-products are used, such as wood resins and pulps, and used to create a waterproof core that protects your flooring against water damage and gives you great stability.

Luxury vinyl tile is shortened to LVT to describe a variety of luxury vinyl flooring that offers amazing appearances, functionality, and durability. Just like luxury vinyl plank, also known as LVP, it offers a great variety of appearances, including many that look just like natural stone varieties, including textures. The tiles are great for any area of your home.

Like LVT floors, LVP has many of the same characteristics but provides many more wood-look options. It also offers a few stone-look varieties and offers the same great benefits, including a waterproof option for complete peace of mind. It’s easy to install and maintain as well, much like the others.

If you're ready to find out, even more, visit our WPC flooring store at your convenience. We'll give you even more information that's sure to give you excellent flooring results.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Anacortes, WA from Flooring Connections

We’ll help sort out WPC, LVT, and LVP

When you visit Flooring Connections, you'll find that we not only offer amazing floor coverings and services but that we always go the extra mile to make sure your flooring is experience is top-notch. Allow us to show you what a great LVP flooring retailer can do for you.

You’ll find our showrooms in Anacortes, WA and Arlington, WA and our service areas include Anacortes, WA, Arlington, WA, Oak Harbor, WA, Bellingham, WA, Mount Vernon, WA, San Juan Islands, WA, and Smokey Point, WA. We encourage you to visit us today to find out how we assist with your flooring project.