Luxurious hardwood flooring for your home and business

We offer a comprehensive and timeless selection of hardwood flooring that will fit your budget and resonate with your style. We welcome the opportunity to help you select the perfect wood, color, and finish for your home or business décor. We offer hardwood flooring from many of the leading brands in the industry.

Our expert designers are readily available to help you with product selection, create your own unique project design, and manage your installation. Contact us today to schedule a free measure and we'll prepare an estimate that will fulfill your remodel or new construction dreams.

Choose from an exceptional selection of hardwood flooring

  • Exotics
  • Domestics
  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Solid and engineered

Our selection includes brands such as:
  • Kentwood
  • Dansk
  • Monarch
  • Kraus
  • Cascade Pacific

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Here are a few important hardwood flooring facts

When you're considering hardwood flooring for your home, you must get all the necessary information, right from the start. Not only will you find out how it relates to your specific needs, but it will also let you know what else to expect. For instance, it’s extremely durable, which leads to one of the longest lifespans in the flooring market.It’s also very stable and provides a truly classic and timeless elegance that adds great value to your home. Match any décor and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

What you need to know about hardwood floors

The most important fact to keep in mind about hardwood floors is that they are not suitable for any below-grade application such as basements. Furthermore, they must be acclimated before they can be effectively installed with no worry about damage occurring afterward. Once you’re sure your space is perfect for installation, you can proceed to many personalization factors including species, sealant, stain, and finishing choices. The species is important, as busier spaces require harder species for the best results. Sealants offer added protection while stain is a great way to match your flooring to a variety of décor options. And a good finish can hide any signs of wear. After a few decades of use, you’re likely to see those signs of wear after all, but that’s a perfect time to plan your refinishing project. This allows you to see that wear stripped away and you can restain and refinish the fresh new wood layer any way you choose. Some homeowners even choose to change the stain color and finish type during the refinishing process. If you’re ready to finalize your hard choices, be sure to ask about professional hardwood flooring installation.
Hardwood flooring in Anacortes, WA from Flooring Connections

Here’s your hardwood flooring headquarters

If you’re ready to purchase your hardwood flooring, feel free to visit Flooring Connections at our showrooms in Anacortes, WA and Arlington, WA. If you’re in the communities of Anacortes, WA, Arlington, WA, Oak Harbor, WA, Bellingham, WA, Mount Vernon, WA, San Juan Islands, WA, and Smokey Point, WA, we invite you to visit us at your convenience. We offer more than 25 years of experience, which we gladly make available for all of our flooring projects. If you need answers to flooring questions, a great floor covering or related service, or professional installation, we’d be honored to offer our services to you as well.