Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements can all be humid in our homes, making it difficult to choose the perfect luxury vinyl tile or plank. There are a few different options for flooring that work in damp areas, but flooring styles such as carpet and hardwood aren’t made to withstand heavy humidity.

If you’re looking for flooring for a bathroom, luxury vinyl is a great idea. Luxury vinyl have many layers that make it easy to hold up to heat, damp and humid conditions, and high traffic.

Benefits and beyond

If you thought these floors couldn't get any better, there are some more benefits that you need to know. LVT is super easy to clean, highly durable, scratch and stain resistant, and even mold-resistant, offering different installation methods, from floating to glue down.

If you're finally looking to finish your basement and don't want it to be tiled, this material is an excellent option for a hardwood look. Since it is known that basements can be damp and humid, other flooring types like carpet are not a good fit, so going with a stylish luxury vinyl is a great choice.

Vinyl plank is made of the same materials as LVT, so it has the same great benefits but comes in a different style. Flooring sets the mood of a room, so if you're looking for a light perspective, choosing a light gray or light wood flooring is ideal, while if you're looking for a darker mood room, dark brown or a dark gray are what you might choose.

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Here at Flooring Connections, we have an extensive catalog of luxury vinyl flooring styles and types, from glue-down to floating and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or tile. With over 25 years of flooring experience, we can provide comprehensive flooring services to fit your every need.

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